infinite mantra karaoke

screen / poetry / digital

INFINITE MANTRA KARAOKE is a prompter / poetry generator. Infinite mantra karaoke is a digital art installation that speaks about a discontinuous and incessant flow, with the help of a screen and words that scroll like an infinite karaoke. All the components are exposed and connected by cables, and the whole is assembled on the wall with pieces of stickers. A mini-computer the size of a small brick drives the installation, and a screen recovered from a laptop is used as a display. The text is generated by a computer program running an algorithm that draws on a predefined vocabulary. The semantics and grammar are therefore accidental, poetic and sometimes absurd. The words follow each other but do not resemble each other, there is something of the order of the sacred, like an invitation to chant mantras difficult to decipher. Infinite Mantra Karaoke does not follow a logic of artificial intelligence, but rather a combination process semi-conducted by the artist. The work questions our relationship to time and its attention, and instills doubt as to the mode of production of the text. A rhythm of reading is suggested to the spectator by the animation of a border that colors the characters, which adds a feeling of infinite cadence to the piece.